Three Feet From Gold

Last week, I had a really interesting phone call. I was talking with my buddy, Don Cardon (my developer buddy down in Phoenix), and he was telling me how there are so many different opportunities right now…

Side Note:  Isn’t it weird that people with great attitudes always have opportunity no matter what occupation they are in?

Even though he’s a super successful developer, he’s considering writing a book and he just so happen to have lunch with the editor of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book series.


I don’t think so!

Anyway Don started telling her his story which is simply amazing.  You talk about a person who thinks outside the box, he has absolutely no boundaries on what he believes can be done.

I can’t reveal any more of the details about their conversation, but before they parted ways, she handed Don a copy of her new book called, Three Feet From Gold.

Don told me to pick up a copy of it and I did without hesitation because if he’s reading it, I am to!  Plus it reminded me of a story I tell in my DVD home study course.

That is when I tell people what I do… and I tell people how I make consistent money in the Market, people always want to know how they can do it too.

I spell it out for them really clearly exactly what they need to do.

You know what I hear most of the time?


While they stand 3 feet from an absolute gold mine, the only thing they can think about is how expensive the shovel is that they would need to buy. Or how hot the weather is supposed to be. Or how they will do it later.

All I can think is,





A different friend of mine was saying how much he dislikes his job…so many customers, no one is buying right now, the economy is killing him.

He then goes on to tell me that he wants to learn to trade but, he’s just “TOO BUSY!”

I don’t know about you, but this kind of attitude make me want to scream….

…However I refrained, and tried helping him possibly find more time, so I asked him, “What time do you get up in the morning?”

“7:30 or 8:00″, he said.

Here’s the answer I thought: “Get your behind out of bed earlier to study, learn and practice.”

His response was, “Oh, I’m just not a morning person”.

“Not a morning person?”, I thought.

“Can’t you become one”, I asked?

“For a short time, isn’t learning where to dig for gold worth more than your precious hours of sleep?”

“This has the potential to pay you for the rest of your life?”

“Not only that, I’m telling you there is gold three feet away from you all you got to do is get out of bed earlier.”

We’ll I’m sorry to say that he chose to sleep in, and continue to complain about his circumstances rather than dig in for a few months and learn.

It is sad to say, but You and I are surround by people like this and I have learned my lesson trying to talk anyone into anything.

Matter of fact, 98% of the people in our country are just like that.

I can’t wait to read this new book, Three Feet From Gold, and there will definitely be more on that later.

But for now, I gotta run because the mine is calling, and I know there is gold in my backyard!

Don’t stop digging,


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4 Responses to Three Feet From Gold

  1. robert says:

    i couldn’t agree more with the subject of this post. after spending 25 years in a career that i loved and exceled in it was apparent that i was being put out to pasture due to changing times demographics etc.. several attempts at the real estate game and there were some victories and a few defeats. at this time along came j.z. and credit spreads. i knew this was in fact “the perfect business” but after getting the course and starting out strong old habits took over and i was back wasting time and failing to act on what i knew would serve me well. last summer i got re-invigorated and got back into trading and trying to soak up every bit i was able about credit spreads. i’m going to take this topic out even farther. after having modest consistent success i got careless and veered off and got destroyed by failing to unwind my RuT trades last month. as a result i lost 2/3rds of my trading account. after about a week of feeling sorry for myself and thinking about j.z.’s story of burning the ships i’m back at it again trading spreads. i refuse to give up and know that if i trade according to the plan the desired results will be achieved. i’m just sorry it took me this long in life to realize attitude is paramount. it’s not what happens to you in life that matters but how you respond to it. instead of looking at last month as a tragedy i’m counting it as a valuable lesson not to be repeated.

  2. Wondering if Three Feet From Gold is any reference to the story of RU Darby, who did just that stopped mining for gold and it happened to be three feet from where he stopped mining.

    Napoleon Hill wrote about that story in his classic Think and Grow Rich. Darby’s story is on point of never giving up to be successful. I think I will need to check this book out as well.

  3. Paula Vasey says:

    Hi there,
    I have just read your email this morning
    and it has put a spring into my step.
    I’m going to find that gold.

    Thank you


  4. Rich Duggan says:

    Kenneth & JZ: To whom much is given- much is expected. Pushing oneself – further past any safety zone – is always a risk. Yet , if you want to find the “gold” – it’s a risk you must take. Look up Teddy Roosevelts famous quote on folks who try vs. them that don’t.
    Ken, I will tell you that an education is never a “waste” of time. Going to grad school or studying for the CFA is an excellent hedge in these ever-changing times. Also, as one gets older, a well rounded (mentally) individual is a more productive one – fiscally and in community.

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